Here's just a small sampling of the work we've helped to succeed over the years.


U.S. Congress

E&A works on behalf of many organizations to accomplish global missions through advocacy before the U.S. Congress. Over the years, we've worked closely with various organizations on securing legislative changed in areas such as sustainable fashion, organ trafficking, behavioral health, illicit finance, migratory labor, and human trafficking. 

Erb & Associates has been tireless champions for human trafficking survivors. They have leveraged both their policy and subject matter expertise especially to raise the voices of survivors in the movement and to prioritize survivor requests for policy change.
— Stephanie Richard, Policy & Legal Services Director, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking

United Nations

E&A's Founder, Nathaniel Erb, spent much of his early career working with the United Nations and other international bodies on issues such as youth entrepreneurship and global ethics. As VP of Operations for the US Federation of UNESCO Centers and Associations, he represented the U.S. body of UNESCO stakeholders at international forums and hosted international delegations at the United Nations. E&A has been built on this experience and continued to actively be involved in international organizations on behalf of clients and as an idepentent advisor.

I have worked with Erb & Associates for nearly two years and they have always been fully committed to assisting and supporting us, very professional in their execution and imaginative in their thinking. They have been very knowledgeable and experienced providing direction in our communications with US institutions and administration, particularly in DC, and they are very capable working with civil society members.
— Duncan Jepson, Managing Director, Liberty Asia

STate and local Level

E&A has worked closely with municipalities, counties, state governments, and organizations across the U.S. from it's very beginning. One of our core focuses has been to facilitate knowledge sharing between regional actors and represent the perspectives of those on the ground. In the realm of human trafficking policy, E&A has been proud to represent many initiatives led by survivors of human trafficking -- putting their critical perspectives at the forefront of the conversation. E&A continues to work alongside my local and regional task forces, coalitions, and other groups to develop cross-sector policy solutions to human trafficking, criminal justice reform, education, and other issues. 

The team at Erb & Associates are excellent strategists and committed allies who represent the interests of their clients with both warmth and determined resolve. They excel at building bridges between stakeholders and finding solutions that benefit all. When navigating the world of policy is complex, they demonstrate refreshing integrity and reliable guidance. They uplift any project they are a part of.
— Brooke Axtell, Founder/CEO, She Is Rising

Bipartisan research development

E&A has focused heavily on supporting the growth of evidenced based policy by furthering the involvement of those directly affected by issues and those doing comprehensive research. E&A has had the privilege of co-leading an international working group of researchers from academia and think tanks to develop evidence based policy recommendations on issues related to human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor. This working group is comprised of representatives from The Brookings Institute, The Heritage Foundation, CSIS, Stanford University, AEI, Johns Hopkins University, American University, Urban Institute, and other reputable institutions.

Erb & Associate’s team are astute and well-informed policy advocates who brings a great deal of passion to his work. They works effectively across a number of critical policy issues, creating and drawing upon valuable connections.
— Jessie Brunner, WSD Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Stanford University

Agency advising

In 2014, E&A Founder, Nathaniel Erb, was chosen to serve on the U.S. Department of State's advisory committee on UNESCO (the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO) alongside representatives from NASA, the Department of the Interior, the University of Georgetown, the United Nations Foundation, and others. In 2015, he became the first elected member of the Commission's Youth Working Group, focusing on empowering youth entrepreneurs and championing youth leadership.Throughout its existence, E&A has leveraged this experience and expanded its role as an advisor to many agencies, organizations, and multi-regional bodies. This history of leadership has afforded E&A many opportunities to better champion its clients needs and diversify their partnerships.

Erb & Associates has been a fantastic source of support for our organization. They understood and believed in our vision from day one. Since then, they hves put forward a great deal of energy into understanding our needs and advocating for them. Erb & Associates is a true agent of change, and we are grateful to be working alongside them towards our shared mission of creating impact where it’s most needed.
— Austin Halbert, Co-founder/CEO of ImpactED and Chair of the Youth Working Group of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO