Since just 2015, we have crafted and spearheaded hundreds of public policy initiatives, donated thousands of hours of pro bono work to inspiring change makers from Baltimore to Bangkok, and helped scale projects spanning topics from human trafficking to education access. 


Our Mission

Erb & Associates provides top tier public policy and solutions-building consulting work to those on the front lines of social issues. We build systems-based solutions that adequately address the whole of an issue and allow for all voices to have the opportunity to be heard. We do this through two core focuses:

  • Empowering individual organizations with the tools they need to leverage their expertise and support their missions.

  • Partnering with government, civil society, business, and academia to build better systems for capturing and implementing the experiences of experts.

What We've Achieved

  • Impacting hundreds of legislative measures at the state, local, and federal level.

  • Expanding the role impacted communities play in the policy process.

  • Creation of international working groups and multi-stakeholder coalitions.

  • Securing representation of clients on key advisory committees.

  • Attaining positions as chief advisors on issues to agencies, organizations, and other keystone leaders.

  • Continuing to cultivate bipartisan championship of issues.

  • Preventing potentially hazardous policies while maintaining relationships.

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Nathaniel Erb, Founder

Nathaniel has earned the respect of legislators and leaders in social justice reform across the globe. Nathaniel made his public policy debut when, at 23, he wrote the first college access law for survivors of human trafficking in the U.S. Since then, Nathaniel has leveraged his experience building leading civil society organizations and championing issues to fight for the advancement of policy related to human trafficking, criminal justice reform, health care, municipal development, and financial crimes.

In addition to championing issues before legislative bodies, Nathaniel supports the growth of civil society through the advancement of tools, community resourcing, and access to government. Nathaniel regularly enjoys teaching on human trafficking, youth leadership, and public policy at The George Washington University, University of Baltimore, American University, and elsewhere. 


Advisory Roles

Freedom Collaborative
Advisor on U.S. Engagement

United Nations Universiry
Advisor, Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform

U.S. National Commission to UNESCO
Chair Emeritus, Youth Working Group

Dashing Emancipation

NEXUS Global Summit: Working Groups for Equal Justice and Human Trafficking
Policy Advisor

Maryland, Baltimore City, and Washington, D.C. Human Trafficking Task Forces
Policy Advisor

ATHack!, Inc.
Board Member

Mr. Erb is a true professional, who always comes prepared and well informed to meetings, hearings and events. It has been a pleasure working with Nathaniel on Human Trafficking legislation in Maryland. We have worked to pass nearly half a dozen related laws to protect victims of trafficking and help provide resources to the victims. I have no doubt that many of our accomplishments would not have been possible without the knowledge and devotion Mr. Erb displayed consistently.
— Michael Lore, Chief of Staff, Senator Susan Lee